Assembling Creative Gift Boxes

Assembling and giving a themed gift box or basket is especially fun and rewarding. Your gift is not only a compilation of carefully chosen pieces, but it is also a creation of your own.

With your recipient in mind, decide on a theme for your basket. Are they sports enthusiasts or wine aficionados? Do they love the theater or board games? You can chose a singular theme, or make it a collection of all of their favorites.

Be sure to find an appropriate box or basket in fits your gift box's theme. For the outdoorsman, use an ice chest, and if your basket will be filled with home goods use a colorful laundry basket. If inspiration escapes you, a unique wicker basket always works well.

The items in your gift box need not be large or expensive. Sometimes the small elusive items are far more thoughtful and useful. You may want to purchase one large or medium sized item to serve as your focal point, and surround it with smaller related items.

For a fun fiesta-themed gift box, fill it with a blender and surround it with smaller items such as margarita mix, small tequila bottles, limes, salt, paper umbrellas, and glasses. For the scrapbooking expert, you could surround a photo album with smaller tools and embellishments.

Drawing on your creativity, assemble the items so that they can all be seen. Fillers such as tissue paper, paper shreds, and even newspaper will help to position your gifts. A handwritten card or small notes throughout gift box will add to its personality.

The beauty of a gift box is that gift wrap is not necessary. You may choose to surround it with clear plastic, and decorate your gift with ribbons and bows. Otherwise, you will have to pack it carefully so that the items don't fall out. You'll have as much fun creating the gift box as the recipient will when enjoying it.