Assembling Military Gift Boxes

For those of us with loved ones serving in the armed forces, assembling gift boxes for our soldier means much more than just giving a gift. It also means that we are giving them the much needed connection with home and family. It becomes very much a labor of love.

Begin with your soldier's favorite snacks like beef jerky, favorite candies, and those hard to get goodies that they are no doubt longing for. A collection of their favorite foods will surely be a comfort. Make sure to include only non-perishable food items that won't melt in extreme heat.

Comfort them with the familiarity of home by adding their favorite t-shirt, letters from family and friends, and current photographs to any gift boxes you send.

Keep them current with recent newspaper clippings and magazines related to their interests. If they have access to a DVD player, their favorite old movie or even some new ones will do the trick. New books from favorite authors are a great addition. For the ultimate sports fan, recordings of sporting events might provide a real connection to home.

Just because your soldier is far away, it doesn't mean you still can't shop for their socks and underwear! New ones might be very much welcome, as well as toothbrushes and other hygiene products.

Once you have collected your items, make sure to package them securely. Secure any items that might leak in a zip lock bag, and be sure to mark items clearly with your soldier's name.

The package should be addressed legibly with the correct APO/FPO address. More importantly, the items should be only those approved by the military and comply with the standards set by the United States Postal Service.

For good measure, you might want to add a few extra goodies for your soldier's friends they might not have any family. Your thoughtfulness might do someone a world of good.