Decorating Your Gift Boxes for Christmas

Wrapping your Christmas gift boxes can be most of the fun. Turn on the Christmas carols and get out the wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons. Don't forget to add flowers, ornaments, or candy. Make your gift boxes the most unique and special ones at the party. Be creative and have some fun.

Giving Your Gift Boxes that Special Touch

Look for wrapping paper that is different. The foils and plastic papers are nice but very hard to work with, so make sure you bring along your patience. Bows and ribbon are usually inexpensive around the holidays, so stock up. Go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of small tree ornaments. You can get a wide variety of Christmas flowers and holly with berries at the craft stores. Another nice touch is homemade candy. Get some small zipper bags and put a few pieces in each bag. Now wrap that gift with your paper and decorate it. Use a wide wire ribbon and put the ornament string on before you tie the bow. On another gift box, tape the candy bag top under the ribbon so you only see the candy sticking out. Pull the flowers off the stems and glue them to the paper around the ribbons. Use any combination of things to make your gift box stand out.

Make your Own Tags

Use card stock and cut out 2 inch by 4 inch pieces. Use matching wrapping paper to put in the center or glue on a border. Take a hole punch and put a hole in each one and tie with ribbon on to your box.

Wrapping That Unusual Shaped Gift

Get a cardboard box larger than the gift. Use packing material or bubble wrap to keep it in place and wrap the gift box. They also make great gift bags in every size. Use some red, green and white tissue paper around the gift and let it stick out the top.