Turn Your Gift Boxes into Gift Crates or Baskets

Everyone loves getting gift boxes for their birthday or Christmas. It's like getting many presents instead of just one. You can easily turn that gift box into a gift crate or basket in no time and have a beautiful presentation along with your beautiful present.

Gift Crates

Gift Crates are great for food and men's gifts. Put paper Easter grass in the bottom and toss in the summer sausage, cheese and a cheese cutter and you have a great gift. Tie a ribbon around the crate and stick on a bow, quick and easy. For men, you can use a tool, like a hammer or drill. Then fill the rest of the crate with accessories that go with the tool. They will love the gift and probably use the crate for stuff in the garage too.

Gift Baskets

You can do anything with a basket: Baby shower gifts, wedding gifts, bath arrangements, and the list goes on and on. Place wrapping paper in the bottom and arrange your gifts. In the front, include a gift card for a nice store and shrink wrap your basket. Wrap a nice wide ribbon from the bottom to the top and put a big bow on top. You can make them humorous or very elegant according to the occasion.

Metal Containers

Metal containers make excellent gift boxes. You can use tins, for cookies and candies and metal bowls and buckets to make beautiful wine arrangements. Place Styrofoam in the bottom and arrange a couple of bottles of wine. Add two nice wine glasses and a package of cheese and crackers, or some grapes. Use small pieces of Styrofoam to put between the bottles and glasses to keep them from hitting each other and tape it all together with invisible tape. Shrink wrap your package and use a beautiful wire ribbon to make a bow. Then glue on an embellishment to go along with the theme.