How to Pre-Wrap You Gift Boxes

How many times have you bought a present and remembered at the last minute that you hadn't wrapped it yet. You can pre-wrap your gift boxes and have them ready any time. You can also put them together in such a way that you can use them more than once and you can still custom decorate them to look different every time you use them.

Wrapping the Box

Wrap the bottom of the box by itself. Tape the wrapping paper inside the side of the box and repeat with the top. Fold some tissue paper to fit inside the box and fold over a gift on both sides. Leave the tissue paper inside and close the gift box.

Decorating the Box

Cut a piece of 2 inch wired ribbon to fit around the box both ways and tie into a bow. Cut an upside down V in the ends of the ribbon. Fold up the pieces and put inside the box. You can just put a self- stick bow on top of the box, but you risk it getting crushed during storage.

Make a Gift Tag

Using card stock paper cut a 3 inch by 1 inch piece. Cut a 2 inch by 1/2 inch piece of your wrapping paper and glue to the cardstock. Take a very thin ribbon and make a small bow and glue it to the tag. Use 2 way stick tape that you have to pull off the paper to make it stick and stick one side on the back of the tag. Place your tag in the box.

Store it Until You're Ready to Use it

Make up a few in different sizes and store them on a shelf or under your bed in a tote. You can grab one on the run and you won't even need tape. Just pop in your gift, tie on your ribbon and stick on your tag. It looks great and no one will ever know you made it up ahead of time.