New Mom Survival Gift Boxes

An excellent way to lend a helping hand to the new mother is to give your advice in the way of a gift box full of helpful items to make those first days, or weeks, just a little bit easier.

Colorful canvas boxes, wicker baskets, or novelty suitcases are great gift boxes. They are also perfect for holding supplies and small items, and to accent mom or baby's room decor. The fun part is filling them with just the right accessories for the new parent.

All new moms would benefit from a few feminine items to pamper their hard-working bodies. There are balms and cremes made to tend to breast tenderness and stretch marks. There are also specialty lotions scented to relieve stress naturally. A package of soft cotton breast pads will provide comfort for sore breasts and protection from leaking.

Because even the new mommy needs a minute to herself, a box of tasty chocolates or cookies makes for a great snack. Calming green teas are often recommended for easing into nighttime rituals. A current magazine geared to her interests makes for a short and sweet escape when she can get one.

There are a few items that make daily life a bit easier for the baby, too. An inexpensive electric bottle warmer is worth its weight in gold. Infant gas drops are a great resolution to fussy bellies, and Johnson's Bedtime Bath works wonders for soothing baby into bedtime.

Finally, an offer to spruce up the house or to babysit while mommy takes a nap just might be the best survival tool of all.