Ideas for Stuffing Gift Boxes to Send to Your Student or Soldier

Every student or soldier will tell you, the highlight of their day is receiving a gift box from home. It's such an easy thing to put together but means so much to them. All you need is love, a big box, and a few ideas of what they might really like. They can't come home, so take a little bit of home to them.

Keep Your Student Healthy

If it's your students first time away from home, there are many things they will realize that they need. They're also very busy and can become overwhelmed quickly. Send them things to make them feel at home and things you know they really need. Homemade cookies and breads will help take away the blues. They are easy to make and easy to send. Use tins so the food doesn't get crushed. This sounds silly, but send them a 6 pack of V-8 juice. Their basic meal now is pizza and they need vegetables, but don't have time to cook. Vitamins are another good item they probably didn't think of.

Keeping Your Student Clean

Laundry detergent is something, especially male students, don't think about much, until they need it. Put powdered laundry detergent in a zip-type bag, write what it is on it and put it in the box. That way, you're not making the box very heavy, but it will last them until the next box. Include a bar or two of their favorite soap and a bottle of favorite shampoo. They'll be surprised that you even knew what their favorites were. Add any additional personal item that you know they like and can't afford any more.

Send Your Soldiers Some Love

Your soldier is quite different from your student. Yes, they love to get homemade cookies, but their needs are different. Send them pictures from home. They want to know what's happening while they are gone. Make a card to tell them how much they are missed and loved. Then start packing the gift box up with things they can really use. Send phone cards with lots of minutes, sports and home improvement magazines, for your male soldiers, and fashion and home and garden for your female soldier. Don't forget to throw in some batteries for their phones and radios. They can also use some good soap and some personal items they liked when they were home. Just a few things are fine, but send them more often, just to let them know you are thinking about them.