Vintage Gift Boxes

Many people like the traditional vintage look. One example of this look of the Victorian era, and it's easy to create. All you need is a bit of creativity and a few craft supplies. If you have a friend or family member that likes the vintage look, you can make a vintage gift box to present a special gift.

If you are considering a gift for an older person such as your grandmother, aunt, or your mother, they will love a personalized vintage gift box. Make black and white copies of family pictures depicting special occasions. Include pictures of great grandparents and great uncles and aunts if possible. Older ones enjoy seeing pictures of the whole family.

Take a plain gift box and use a decoupage technique to attach all these pictures. First, apply a thin coat of decoupage glue to the back of each picture and arrange them on the box until you cover the whole box. You will end up with a collage of pictures. Follow the same procedure on the lid.

Pour some wooden stain, not too much, on the gift box over the pictures. Take a rag and distribute the stain so that it covers the entire box. Take another rag and wipe off some of the stain. Whatever doesn't come off will create an antique effect. The photos on the box should look a little dingy, that's the look you want. You want the box to appear old. Once the stain dries, apply a coat of decoupage glue over the photos to protect them. Let the box dry and you now have an antique gift box.

A personalized, antique gift box is great for a wedding anniversary gift. All you need to do now is place some tissue paper inside the box and place your special gift inside it. Your loved will love the box as much as the gift, if not more.