Wooden Gift Boxes

When you think of a gift box, you normally think of cardboard boxes, but you may be surprised to know that gift boxes are also available in wood. Wooden boxes also come in many shapes, sizes, and types of wood. If you are wondering who orders these types of boxes, here are some examples of industries that use them.

Wooden boxes are available in all types of woods such as softwoods, spruce, pine, and cedar. Companies offer these gift boxes in their natural state, or they can stain, paint, or clear coat them for you if you prefer. They are made in any shape you request-round, square, or custom.

Various industries order these boxes. The wine and beverage industry is a major requestor of these custom-made boxes. You can also use them for corporate gifts, promotional purposes, and specialty foods.

High-end cosmetic companies also use wooden boxes to ship products to customers, and book publishing companies ship books in them. Fine china companies often have boxes custom made to accommodate the china and keep it from breaking during shipping. Moreover, candle manufacturers conveniently ship candles in wooden gift boxes to protect them.

If you own a company and regularly ship products to customers, you may want to consider ordering custom-made wooden gift boxes. They make a great presentation, add value to the product, and enhance your company's image. People often keep the box as a storage box long after the product is gone.

Wooden gift boxes are a good way to promote your company and enhance your product's value. The benefits far outweigh the cost, as your company will stand out as different. If you had never heard of wooden gift boxes until today, now you know what to use for your next product promotion. With a wooden gift box, you will give the impression that you truly care about your product and your customers